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Who Are The Design Professionals I Need For My Project?

Many homeowners are making the decision to stay in their homes and renovate. We see ourselves living in our spaces for decades to come. Our house is, afterall, our home. Deciding to redo your kitchen or build an addition is an undertaking. The quality and care put into this process will affect the longevity of the project; and after planning, permitting, making selections, hiring a contractor, and sometimes even moving out, you want your efforts to stand the test of time. 

The process can be daunting— and very exciting. An architect will help make your vision a reality in a way that makes the most sense for your home, your style, and your budget. While an architect will create drawings and make your jaw drop with 3D images of your dream kitchen, there is a lot of work that also goes on behind the scenes to make the process go smoothly and efficiently. That is the role of an architect. After meeting with clients to understand their goals and create design options, they will coordinate with contractors to obtain bids for work, submit drawings for building permits with the city or county, and coordinate with engineers. In addition to being the creative on the project, the architect also acts as the liaison between clients and building professionals. 

An interior designer may be a role that many (including myself) confuse with an interior decorator. The designer helps you select the tile for your shower or the cabinet hardware for your kitchen cabinets. They will help you select your kitchen cabinets. In short, they help make your space aesthetically pleasing with finishes, furnishings, and fixtures. They work with the architect and contractor to coordinate details. They help you realize the final vision of the space. 

What makes stadlerdesign unique is that our architect Cody Stadler does both. He’s an architect and an interior designer. He will coordinate with a mechanical engineer and order tile samples for your backsplash. Cody is the single source of coordination between you and the contractor and thereby eliminates miscommunication between multiple designers. He creates a cohesive and holistic finished product for his clients.  

From dream to construction to finished space, stadlerdesign is fluent in every step of the process.

Rendered Design Concept
Finished Space
Construction Detail

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